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Spring Volvo Service

Volvo auto engineers are some of the best around, and Volvo vehicles are rugged, reliable, and capable. However, even the most capable Volvo still needs occasional auto service to help keep it running, especially when the seasons start to change. Here are just a few ways the experts in our service center can help you get your Volvo ready for spring.

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Get Your Volvo Repaired by the Experts

When you drive a Volvo you know how important it is to keep it in pristine condition inside and out. While you are more than capable of vacuuming the interior and running it through the carwash.

Making Sure Everything is Done Right

Here at our repair center serving New Orleans, Slidell, Covington, and Hammond LA, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. Whether it is paint or dent repair, or replacing parts after an accident our team can make it happen. If you are worried about vehicle damage submit an inquiry to our repair center for a quote…

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Take Care of the Problem Now

If you think you can just ignore that check engine light on your dash-you can, but it wouldn't be wise. It's there for a reason and ignoring it can cause a much bigger (and expensive!) problem to accumulate. If you're unlucky enough to get a blinking check engine light, then you should get it checked out sooner than later. Sure, you might be saving money now by putting your problem off, but each minute that goes by will cost you later on. You can only avoid it for so long. Plus, you don't want to put…
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Have You Had Your Check Up?

A yearly trip to the doctor is a common thing for most people; however, most people forget to schedule regular maintenance checkups for the family car. To keep the family car at its best, here are a few things to remember: fuel, cabin air, oil, engine, automatic and transmission fluid filters should be checked often and replaced if necessary. Tires should be the proper PSI and have a rotation schedule. 

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Go the Distance with Volvo

There are tons of songs and stories about perseverance taking a person over long distances. 500 miles? 1,000 miles? Well, what about 3,000,000 miles?

Irvin Gordon, a native of Long Island, NY, and his 1966 Volvo P1800 have together traveled over three-million miles in their 48-year relationship. That would be like circling the globe, 120 times! Gordon fell in love with the car, and bought it brand new on a Friday. He…

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Wireless Vehicle Charging is in the Works for Volvo

Just a few years back wireless charging systems for phones and tablets seemed revolutionary. Now they are pretty commonplace, but the innovation still makes powering up much more convenient. Plus, you're spared the hassle of sifting through tangled cords every few hours or so. 

Following the same line of logic and really running with it, Volvo is currently conducting studies on a wireless charging system for an electric vehicle. The platform is a bit…

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